Business Intelligence

Marketing Research

Basic aim we have is to assess the viability of a new good or service and the attractiveness of a target market. It allows a company to discover a promising target market and understand consumer needs and wants, as well as investigating any issues related to marketing (consumer behavior, advertising effectiveness, salesforce effectiveness.

Business & corporate strategy

Whether you are developing a brand for launch, building your annual brand plan or reviewing your current strategy in light of new external threat or market change, our customer centric brand building approach is focused on helping you to identify what you need to do to positively impact your brand and business performance.

Competitors response strategy

Our engaging workshop led approach to helping you defend your brand(s) against the ever evolving competitive threats goes beyond the traditional CI, data-led wargaming approach. It is specifically designed to put your customer and potential customer at the heart of the process.

Due diligence

Our approach to strategic commercial due diligence helps inform our clients’ investment decisions. We provide independent, fact-based analysis regarding a target’s most pressing commercial and operational issues. Within each opportunity, we focus on value creation by conducting deep analysis of the market landscape, securing the customer’s perspective, assessing the competitive dynamics, auditing operations, reviewing the plan for the business, and developing a go-forward value enhancement program. Our approach accelerates the process, maximizes value and reduces buyers’ risks, thereby framing the acquisition for well-structured ownership and eventually, an efficient exit.


Global accounting and tax services come with strict local compliance built in. Local experts across 28 jurisdictions deliver consistent services and quality wherever you do business. A flexible delivery model supports you as you grow while our consultants strip uncertainty from even the most daunting transformation. In short, when it comes to tackling complexity and risk in international accounting and tax compliance, we are your single, integrated, outsourced answer.